Live chat is one of the most important services a business with an online presence can utilize. As more and more websites are created, people will simply look at your site in less than a minute, and simply move on to another website if they perceive it doesn’t offer anything of value to them. Live chat services address this problem since it allows you engage your site visitors in an instant.

Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

People are used to instant messaging now that email can already be considered a slow and more formal medium for communication. Think about it, a potential customer sends you an email. Before that same email appears in your inbox, that same customer could have already done a google search and found its way to your competitor’s web site. Or she could have gone out for a walk and as if my divine intervention decided not to purchase your product after all.

The point is, time is money; statistics prove that someone who delays making a purchase will more than likely NOT follow through with it. With a live chat service, you or an operator can answer pre-sales questions instantly thus avoiding the slow back-and-forth sending of emails. You can also make the decision easier for them by offering a discount while in chat, which would obviously send your conversion rates through the roof. All this happens in real-time, while they are in your website.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

If you’ve ever been an upset customer, you’d know that a timely response contributes a lot to your level of satisfaction towards a product or brand. Businesses continually lose customers (and even potential customers if we consider all the leads a happy customer can produce) just because they were slow in responding to queries and complaints. This can all be avoided with a live chat service. Some live chat services even have a feature called ‘click-to-call’ that can further improve customer satisfaction. It allows your customers to instantly request a voice call with your agents over the internet.

Cost and Other Features to Consider

The costs of live chat services can vary from $40 up to a couple hundred dollars for 1 chat operator. The cost can also vary depending on the features that a service provides.

Here are some features to consider in a live chat system:

  1. Fully-hosted service : this means that the live chat provider will host the system on their servers or in the cloud. This translates to less maintenance and hardware overhead on your part since the provider will take care of all the technical details behind the scenes. All you have to do is insert a few lines of code in your website and you’ll have a fully-functioning live support system.
  2. Pre-made messages : also called canned-messages or responses. This allows your operators to have a ready answer for the most frequently asked questions. Overall, this feature increases the efficiency of an operator that she may engage different customers at any given time.
  3. Co-browsing : this allows operators to see what a customer sees as they browse your site. Some services also offers form-filling along with co-browsing; form-filling allows operators to help customers having a hard time completing a form.
  4. Real-time visitor monitoring : this feature will further increase conversion rates as it will allow you to monitor visitors as they move on your site. It aids in the understanding of traffic patterns and allows operators to filter out live traffic and deliver support to people who needs it the most.
  5. Integration with other tools : this feature is often overlooked by business owners. Some live chat service offers a way to integrate with sales, CRM, and other e-commerce tools that you may already have.

Finding the right live chat services for your website can seem like a daunting task, but it does not have to be. By asking the right questions and knowing the needs of your business, you can find the right service and have it up and running in no time.